Saw Hien today and I'm obsessed with my lashes! First time getting them and I don't know if I'll ever go with out!

Lainey G.

Hien is fantastic! She’s very careful and gentle with your lashes. She also honest and will recommend what’s best for you.

Karen N.

My lashes last about 3 to 4 weeks. When it's time for a fill at the 3 to 4 week time frame, they still look so realistic, it's not even funny.

Beatrice G.

I adore you and your work. Thank you for making me beautiful! 🙂

Kim R.


A great alternative to Mascara and your Eyelash Curler to provide a lifted youthful look. Waking up with thicker, longer, more defined eyelashes.

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Hi En Beauty combines the modern, innovative technology of SkinAct® with top quality skincare products to give you a completed luxurious and pampered experience. We provide various outstanding customized skin care packages for clients of all skin types.

Every woman deserves to look and feel wonderful about their own skin. Whether you are a hard-working mother, girl on-the-go, or a celebrity, you are guaranteed to find here a treatment, just for you.

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A gentle, sanitary, and painless method to effectively remove the facial hair and shape the eyebrows which also leaves the skin baby soft after rejuvenation.

At Hi En Beauty we only use the best quality threads to ensure excellent results on your skin.

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At Hi En Beauty, we believe that our clients and their individual needs come first. But in an industry flooded with new products and procedures, we must make sure that health and safety are never compromised. We therefore take a precautionary approach, always opting for safe and tested solutions.

Our 5-star artists are highly skilled and have years of experience in beauty care. We will do our utmost to get to know our clients, and work with them towards finding the right service and/or treatment for every concern they might have. We’ll make sure our clients look fabulous and chic upon leaving our shop.

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